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Burning Barn Taste Test

by | Dec 19, 2018 | reviews, taste test |

One of the services we offer to Comesto suppliers is a taste test with members of our panel of experts

Katherine Jenner of Burning Barn Rum decided to take advantage of this, having recently joined Comesto as a supplier. Katherine chose Comesto because the platform allows her company to communicate directly with a wide range of discerning buyers. She is also happy to support Comesto’s aim to recognise the importance of top quality artisan products.

The idea for Burning Barn Rum was born in 2015 when a huge fire at the family farm in Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire caused a barn to burn down and Katharine decided to create a new business. Launched in 2017, Burning Barn is Britain’s first Smoked Rum, with a unique taste. The company also produces a Spiced Rum “for grown-ups”.

edgbaston hotel
edgbaston hotel
edgbaston hotel
We gave samples of Burning Barn Rum to John Freeland, proprietor of CA Rookes Wine Merchant, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the wine and spirits trade, and to Emma and Nicola, joint owners of The Little Gin Company. As well as a unique mobile gin business, Emma and Nicola have recently branched out to include their other favourite tipple – rum – with The Little Rum Company.
What the experts said:

“We really enjoyed the Burning Barn Smoked rum, it’s distinctive and unique smoky flavour was lovely. The team at Burning Barn have created a really interesting product that is different to other rums on the market. We particularly like the branding and the story behind the brand. Would definitely recommend this rum”

Emma and Nicola
The Little Gin Company

“Burning Barn Rum is a well crafted, flavoured spirit that captures exactly what new rum drinkers will be looking for in 2019. My suggestion is to serve it with just one cube of ice and a small amount of coke.

“Younger rum drinkers and those who are maybe revisiting rum as a drink will appreciate the distinctive smokiness and the obvious connection between the brand image and backstory and the taste of the drink itself. This should mean that the brand will get an instant take up as distribution widens, but my advice to bar staff and drinkers is not to drown it. Serving a range of speciality rums successfully means serving to bring out their best qualities, Burning Barn needs to have its distinctive taste respected.”

John Freeland
CA Rookes

Find out more about Burning Barn Rum via their Comesto profile

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