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Red Rickshaw: the UK’s largest online Asian grocer

by | Dec 10, 2018 | reviews |

Anybody who has tried cooking the latest Ottolenghi recipe will know how hard it can be to find certain ingredients, especially for Asian-influenced dishes. Reliable, specialist shops are not often available outside of large towns and cities. Even Londoners who live within reach of the best Asian supermarkets have difficulty fitting a shopping trip into their weekly routine— like working mother Jyoti Patel, who several years ago realised the need for an e-commerce platform that makes Asian groceries accessible to home cooks all over Europe.

That’s how Red Rickshaw was born, and today it’s the UK’s largest online Asian grocer, catering to seasoned culinary experts and amateur explorers alike.

Although originally set up to meet the needs of home cooks, Jyoti noticed that Red Rickshaw was being used by chefs at some of the UK’s top restaurants. The company now supplies wholesale to some of the most innovative kitchens in the country, from Michelin star restaurants to street food stalls. With a product range of around 5,000 items, from organic spices, lentils, rice, meat, fish and ghee to fresh fruit and vegetables, they now reach thousands of customers from their West London warehouse.

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Named after the mode of transport that enables customers to travel around narrow streets and marketplaces in search of fresh produce and rare spices, Red Rickshaw pride themselves on their ability to adapt to their clients’ different needs and requirements. Their procurement team sources rare ingredients from all over the world, and they enjoy working with creative chefs and restaurant managers who like to challenge them with ever more unusual requests.

Red Rickshaw recently joined Comesto to take advantage of the opportunities Comesto provides for suppliers to showcase their wares to hundreds of interested trade buyers, and to communicate directly with them through a portal.

Chef Monica Patel, whose Bristol based pop-up Naasto Baasto brings innovative high quality Gujarati cuisine to discerning foodies, joined Comesto on the buyer side at around the same time, and was delighted to find Red Rickshaw.

With one quick search on her Comesto buyer’s portal, Monica was able to access and compare all the Asian food and drink products on offer. Liking what she saw on Red Rickshaw’s profile page, Monica ordered a trial sample of one of their spice mixes and requested a phone call from the supplier. Rollo Millership, head of wholesale sales for Red Rickshaw, was delighted to oblige. All Comesto leads for his products go directly to his inbox, and he wasted no time in contacting Monica to discuss her requirements, run through Red Rickshaw’s range and let her know about special offers that might interest her.

Rollo Millership said: “We have competitive prices with high quality products, a powerful procurement team and attentive customers service team. We also offer daily deliveries around London.”

“We are delighted to discuss the individual needs of Comesto buyers, and to work with them to help reduce costs.”

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