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Brand Activation for smaller producers and venue managers

by | Aug 10, 2018 | marketing |

As a technical branch of marketing, Brand Activation is often seen as one of the tools available exclusively to big brands, normally drinks companies, to launch their products and grow sales. The process is a system of growing consumer awareness of their brands by either the experiential route which basically means out at events and trade shows, or in-venue – working with venue managers to help promote the brand to their customers.

But lose the jargon and brand activation becomes simply the producer’s instinctive ability to help consumers appreciate what their products have to offer and how to sell them.

For smaller F & B producers, competing with their larger competitors presents many challenges; lack of marketing skills and budget are two of the major growth inhibitors. This needs to change if we are going to see more choice and competition in the marketplace. By using platform economics to deliver in-venue brand activation, challenger brands could compete in this industry without the major investment currently needed.

Experiential marketing will always take time and resources – but if you automate the in-venue marketing approach, you may be able to spend more time and effort on events.

How to do this?

By formalising your knowledge of your own products and delivering it to clients, there’s a great opportunity for you as an independent brand owner to raise your game and start competing with the big guys, growing your brand profile without needing to match their spend. Some challenger drinks brands are already doing this by placing useful information and downloads of marketing collateral on their websites. But why stop there? You have a story to tell and some great information that will assist your clients to sell your goods effectively.

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Products with a visual brand

The UK has a wealth independent producers of bar snack products, but look behind the bar in many pubs and in wholesalers’ catalogues and you would never know. Comesto already has a greater choice of bar snacks available on our platform than many of the the largest wholesalers. And if you have a discerning clientele wanting something more than Gary Lineker’s (apparent) favourite brand of crisps, just visit our site to see what we mean.

Independent snack producers instinctively go brand heavy to promote the values of their product, and a classy brand image works wonders to increase sales at the bar. Take a look at Simply Seedz to get a sense of what new and exciting products are out there.  

For venue managers, offering new snack brands is a fast and risk-free way to create distinction and grab your customers’ attention by providing an interesting new snack that isn’t available yet at other venues. At Comesto we are now working with snack producers and other visually appealing packaged products to formalise the creation and distribution of the knowledge of not only why you should buy their products, but how best to display, tell the brand story and sell those products.

Unbranded products

Of course, brand and product is not just about packaging and visual appeal; it’s also about quality, reputation and provenance and this is where brand activation is particularly important for business relationships between venue managers and suppliers of unpackaged goods.

A great example of this is Aubrey Allen, the top quality wholesale butchers, who have gained a well-deserved reputation for quality of goods and service across Warwickshire and the Cotswolds. Even though you can’t tell by looking that your steak is supplied by Aubrey Allen, your pub or restaurant menu will proudly tell you that this is where your steak came from. Locals know they are buying a quality choice and tourists will be sold the story behind the brand.

So let’s get smart

Reputations are not created overnight – and if you sell UK-wide, creating a buzz around your brand values is not easy to achieve outside your local area. This is where we come in.

Every Comesto supplier has a business profile, found by a product search on our platform. The profile markets our suppliers to our interested buyers and enables buyers to make enquiries and product requests directly to suppliers. We are also working with our members to create a brand activation tool for each profile. It’s a powerful proposition for both buyers and suppliers; a repository of collateral and information to help increase sales.

The decision to stock a new, untried, unknown product for your venue is made easier if you can get a full picture of what the product is and what it tastes like before you buy. Our platform facilitates the supply of samples, but just as important is the brand story, how to sell it and how best to serve it. Soon we will offer our suppliers and buyers that service too.

Platform economics for better trade buying and selling of food and drink is now a powerful reality. If you are an independent food and drink producer, find out more by clicking here

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