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Possibly the smartest hospitality software package available

by | Jul 19, 2017 | technology |

Comesto has created a strategic partnership with BlueCart the US based hospitality tech software service and now with this facility smartly merged into your Comesto membership we can offer a full business management system from one platform.

We were looking for a partner to manage the sharp end of operations for our client base. Comesto provides an industry wide purchase and supply service, giving buyers the best options and the best prices and for our supplier members a direct route to market to those buyers. We now needed order management, delivery scheduling and an app based procurement system so that our clients could have full mobile control of their operations, enabling the whole business management procedure to be managed from one platform. Comesto – BlueCart now supplies this.

about bluecart

BlueCart’s core product is an app that lets restaurants, hotels and foodservice operators place all their orders in one click, and then automatically organises those orders in one place for both buyers and suppliers.

Every day, wholesale buyers (restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc.) spend hours placing orders to each of their suppliers via email or text messages. BlueCart eliminates this wasted time by moving ordering onto a digital workflow that offers a degree of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the procurement process that simply did not exist before their suite of apps.

the combined comesto bluecart service
comesto bluecart combined service

If you are a buyer, the combined Comesto and BlueCart service provides a purchasing and stock management facility which is simple to setup and use. It’s like a wholesale catalogue you design and own – your selection, your prices, your order quantities and your delivery schedule – putting you in control. Upload current suppliers catalogues, and if Comesto alerts you to a better price or quality from another supplier, just swap it. And if you need a new stock item, simply search Comesto, check out prices and quality, get samples if you wish and drop it into your BlueCart shopping basket.

For suppliers, BlueCart processes your orders, arranges special pricing, deliveries and gives you an eCommerce platform for direct sales. Comesto’s unique marketing and buyer search service, markets your brand and goods to a huge client base and supplies and converts enquiries into orders.
Let’s see what what this means for you.


Comesto – Finds new goods and services for your business with separate specialist facilities supplying recruitment, finance, and business opportunities. We showcase new suppliers, compare prices, and promote special deals – saving you money, time and improving your offer.

BlueCart – Puts all of your supplier details into your BlueCart purchasing portal, enabling, instant stock control, single click reordering, delivery scheduling and direct communication with every supplier. Cutting out phone calls, emails, spreadsheets and sales calls from your procurement activities.

bluecart buyer
comesto-bluecart 3 steps
bluecart for suppliers

Comesto is the growing hospitality industry business hub, giving suppliers to the industry legal and direct access to market to our buyers. Merging the best direct digital marketing facilities, without the expense of external support and only to opted in buyers who can purchase what you supply. Our service will get your brand and your sales messages in front of people who need to buy, with our direct marketing, advertising and our free eCommerce facility giving you direct orders from all of your market verticals.

BlueCart – BlueCart is the only system designed specifically for suppliers to the hospitality industry. Comesto will raise your sales and marketing activity and bring in new orders and BlueCart is designed to streamline your supply process, getting those orders out of the door, scheduled to fit in with your client’s needs. Supplying full transparency of the business relationship, from stock levels and pricing to delivery scheduling and upload to your accountancy software. BlueCart provides efficiency across your whole business operations.

wholesalers and distributors

BlueCart – Your business requires a tailored software system to manage operations, in the USA BlueCart is the system of choice for an increasing number of Wholesalers and Distributors.  We offer a highly specific version of the platform specced up precisely to your needs. Fully scalable to cater for all sizes of business, there’s no limit to the size and complexity of what BlueCart can handle to drive your operations. And our backup and support are 24/7 with UK based managers available to visit and discuss your every need.

Comesto – Where our service becomes really smart is when you add in Comesto to your operations. No longer are you bound by what you can stock, catalogue and deliver, we have suppliers all over the UK and increasingly worldwide, who want to do business with you. Comesto’s smart search facility and market information offers a free view on who is supplying what for whom. It’s a real business changer – a light touch, frictionless supply of a huge range of fresh new items and all you have to do is add on your profit margin.

Comesto – BlueCart comes complete with an app for your sales staff. To take orders on the road and with the client. And with the Comesto search facility, your sales staff both in the office and out in the field can respond instantly to client requests for specific items, alternatives and new ideas, just dropping the new item into their order. Enabling your staff to become a trusted adviser and ideas person, whilst increasing their orders and profitability.

Sign up to Comesto and receive the entry level BlueCart software free of charge.

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